Civil Weddings Gallery

Civil weddings cover a wide gamut of marriages, from Elopements to large outdoor ceremonies.g

Registry Offices

These wedding ceremonies generally run like Clockwork because the big London Town halls get busy at weekends. Couples are usually required to arrive early for an interview with the Registrar. Many town halls are stunning places in their own right and can make a beautiful backdrop to your big day. Islington Town Hall (my local!) have the beautiful Council Chamber and intimate Mayor’s Parlour. Plus the registrars are delightful.

Travelling Registrars

In my career as a wedding photographer, I’ve seen Civil Wedding ceremonies open up to all sorts of authorised Wedding Venues. As of 2020, rules are relaxing even further.

Professional Celebrants

It’s increasingly common that the legal part of the Civil Wedding is scheduled at a registry office on a different date to the official wedding. I’m sometimes asked to pop along to the registry office on a Tuesday before. While there’s no reason a friend or family member can’t take up the reigns, I’m a huge fan of professional Wedding Celebrants like Hannah Jones. Without the legal restrictions and formal language associated with a Registrar, you can make a very personal ceremony. Other Celebrants can also hold a humanist or religious service without the legal stuff. I’m expecting this will be quite a common wedding trend following the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Registrars may not be able to synchronise availability with venues on postponed dates.


If your Civil Wedding Celebrant has strict restrictions, I’m very happy to have a correspond with them before the wedding. With assurances, they may be willing to allow a little more access than they might otherwise. During the signing of the register, there’s often some confusion over data protection. I’ve been told by experienced registrars that there’s no issue while others have declared the signing a no-photo zone. Usually, I explain I’ll shoot from low down to avoid the surface of the page. That makes most Officiants comfortable. Others ask me to pose the shot with a dummy register. I’ll always follow their guidance. Newlyweds may wish to set up a formal signing shot regardless, with or without the witnesses.

Second Photographer

Your Celebrant may require photographers to stick to one spot. A narrow, single lane aisle may mean it’s hard to reposition discretely. When there are things to catch simultaneously and movement is restricted, a second photographer may be worth considering. I only work with photographers who have wedding experience. Many like the opportunity to build their portfolio or to shoot more reportage. I can include a second shooter for 35% of my fee based on the equivalent coverage. I usually work solo.