Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further queries and I’ll be glad to help if I can. I’ve also included some answers to frequently asked questions below.

Welcome to the font of all knowledge

Discussions with couples usually stray way beyond Wedding Photography! I’m always happy to help with your questions and offer suggestions where I feel confident. Please feel sound me out about anything. I’ve compiled a list of excellent wedding suppliers I’ve been fortunate enough to work with in the past.

No I am not VAT registered, therefore my prices are not subject to VAT without advance notice.

Yes and yes. I carry £5,000,000 public liability with £25,000 professional indemnity and employers liability. As of 2020, I’ve reluctantly had to add a more robust cancellation policy for weddings and events which you’ll find in your booking form. I’ll always try to be flexible if I’m available to follow you to your new date. However, I strongly recommend you have insurance in place to cover any additional risks, including up to 80% of your photography package price, should you need to cancel or postpone for any reason.

A £350 deposit is required to secure wedding bookings. A float for significant travel expenses may be requested. Otherwise, the invoice will be issued after your Photohub goes live, at which point your balance is due within 14 days. Full-resolution downloads and print, frame, and album orders require full payment of all job invoices before dispatch.

Deposits, day fee, albums and discs can be settled with bank transfers, cash or cheques payable to Harry Richards. I can take Stripe payments for orders placed through your Photohub

As of 2020, I have photographed 400+ weddings and am happy to say that I have a 100% attendance record. Should it become clear that I will be unable to attend, I would make contact with you at the earliest opportunity, and where possible I will introduce comparable photographers.

2x Sony A9 cameras with 35, 50 & 85mm f1.4 prime lenses. I also shoot with 16-35 & 70-200mm f2.8 zooms. I do also have a 50mm Macro, collapsable backgrounds, stands, and 4 Godox flash heads with softboxes. This extra equipment takes time to set up so I usually only attend with this if discussed in advance.

After more than 20 years using traditional Nikon DSLR cameras, I made the switch to silent Sony in 2018. Truth be told, it was a wrench for a while! Sony have become the clear market leaders for full-frame professional mirrorless digital cameras and have teamed up with Zeiss for much of their premium glass. Low light performance matches Nikon and Canon and the intelligent focusing system is light years ahead. Now, I couldn’t be happier!

The photographer retains copyright but you have a full licence to print and share full-resolution images at your discretion. Where possible, I ask for a credit to Harry Richards Photography and a link to Full-resolution images are included as standard on receipt of your balancing payment. Lower resolution images will be watermarked and are included on your Photohub.

A typical wedding will frequently involve at least a couple of days post-production. I choose and grade your enhanced selection for colour, density and sharpness as standard. I may also do a little Photoshop work to get rid of distracting imperfections but I do my best to keep your mastered images natural. If you require a little extra post-production work, you can let me know what you’d like me to adjust. If there’s significant extra work to do, I will send you a quote based on my Photoshop hourly rate.

I select and edit 50+ images for each hour I attend. Images may be rejected for technical or creative reasons, much like the vegetable peelings and scraps in a restaurant. Reputable photographers are keen to avoid being associated with any work that doesn’t meet their professional high standards. However, if you feel there might be a particular image missing, I’m usually able to have a look through the source material to see if there’s something extra I can find.

This is a personal option but usually clients allow me discretion to choose. Typically I edit around 25-35% in black & white.

Many couples are guided by venues to use their regular photographers because ‘they know the venue’. The venues are more comfortable they will keep photoshoots to time and often have good working relationships which sometimes include a commission. I do not take or load commissions for any wedding venue referrals I make or receive. While knowing your way around a venue is an advantage, I aim to arrive in good time before I begin shooting to familiarise myself as needed. I do offer a venue visit service but I find such requests are very rare. As a reportage photographer, I don’t need to stage your wedding like a photoshoot. I am flexible and I follow the action wherever it may go. If I haven’t shot at your venue before, I thoroughly enjoy exploring a place through fresh eyes but the focus of my attention is the people and the light they reflect.

If I’m to attend for 6+ hours, I’d be grateful for something to eat.

Not usually a problem. I automatically charge by the hour as stipulated in my booking form so if you overrun, please be aware of this. I will consult with you before finishing so you will be able to decide if you wish me to stay longer on the day. I may have arrangements for accommodation outside your booked hours but I allow a good buffer. It’s worth advising of major overruns in advance.