City Life Film Photography Gallery

A selection of my 35mm and 120 film photography. While I’m a London based reportage wedding and event photographer, I generally shoot film for myself. It’s a chance to slow down and play rather than fulfil any particular brief. I adore the distinctive look of film (particularly Kodak Tri-X and Ektar) and have purposefully selected old glass to add flavour and character to my work. I’m currently shooting on a Leica M3 from 1959 using a 50mm Summilux (v2) lens. Also a Leica M4 from 1969 with a 35mm Summilux (v1) lens. When I’ve got a little more time to frame shots, I also use a Hasselblad 500c from 1959. I use an 80mm f2.8 Planar lens and a 250mm f5.6 Sonnar lens, both from 1960. When I have time I develop film in Paterson tanks and scan with my digital camera over a light box.